Active + Fantastic = ACTIVASTIC!

What we offer:

- Workout programs for all sizes, abilities and skillsets, with a focus on people with limited ROM (Range Of Motion) and people who may be new to working out. All workout programs or routines, sold on our website or on offer on our social media channels, are curated and approved by our in-house ISSA (International Sports and Sciences Association) certified trainer.

- High quality and FDA approved Nutritional Supplements to help and support your healthy lifestyle.

- Stylish and comfortable Activewear to look your best, not only while working out but to and from the gym.

- Well researched information on all matters of health and fitness on "The Activastic Blog" and our social media channels. Be sure to like/follow our pages for the latest info.

- Free motivational tools.

- A welcoming and nurturing experience for all.


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