Eliud Kipchoge: the king of Berlin
Eliud Kipchoge is not only the greatest marathoner of all time, but also the undisputed king of Berlin. On Sunday, September 24, 2023, he won his fifth BMW Berlin Marathon in a stunning time of 2:02:42, just 33 seconds shy of his own world record. He also surpassed the legendary Haile Gebrselassie for the most victories in Berlin, a city where he has made history several times.

Kipchoge dominated the race from the start, following his pacemakers at a blistering pace that was well ahead of the world record schedule. He reached the halfway mark in 1:00:22, accompanied only by Ethiopia's Derseh Kindie, who soon faded and dropped out. Kipchoge was on his own for the last 10 kilometers, but he did not slow down much. He crossed the finish line with a smile and a fist pump, celebrating his remarkable achievement.

How does Kipchoge run so fast and so consistently? There is no simple answer to this question, but some factors that may contribute to his success are:

- His training regime: Kipchoge trains with the NN Running Team in Kenya, under the guidance of coach Patrick Sang. He follows a rigorous schedule that includes long runs, speed work, hill sessions, gym workouts, and recovery runs. He also lives in a simple camp with his teammates, away from distractions and focused on his goals.
- His mental strength: Kipchoge is known for his positive attitude and his philosophy of "no human is limited". He believes that anything is possible with hard work and determination. He also meditates and visualizes his races, preparing himself for any challenge or obstacle.
- His running form: Kipchoge has a smooth and efficient running style that minimizes energy loss and reduces injury risk. He runs with a high cadence, a short stride length, a midfoot strike, and a relaxed upper body. He also wears specially designed shoes that provide optimal cushioning and propulsion.

Kipchoge's performance in Berlin was another testament to his greatness and his legacy. He has won 18 out of 21 marathons he has entered, including two Olympic gold medals and 11 World Marathon Majors. He has also broken the world record twice in Berlin, and became the first person to run a sub-two-hour marathon in Vienna in 2019.

At 38 years old, Kipchoge shows no signs of slowing down. He has already announced his intention to defend his Olympic title in Paris next year, where he hopes to become the first person to win three consecutive gold medals in the marathon. He may also attempt to break his own world record again, or challenge himself with new goals and projects.

Whatever he does next, Kipchoge will always be an inspiration and a role model for runners and non-runners alike. He is not only a phenomenal athlete, but also a humble and gracious human being who spreads joy and positivity wherever he goes. He is truly the king of Berlin, and the king of marathons.

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